FB wrote:
my employer want to have all external links marked with a small icon telling
anonymous users from the internet that everything behind given links is
beyond our responsibility.

Currenty I have to do something like that:

   <a tal:define="linkwriter nocall:context/@@linkwriter"
linkwriter.link(context.url,text=context.urldescription)" />

... which doesn't really looks like a nice method to produce i.e. this:

   <a class="external" title="You're leaving out institute's domain. We're not 
      href="http://example.com";>This is an example company</a>

The 'linkwriter' chooses the a-tag's class and title according to the domain of 
the href.
I would like to make writing those pagetemplates a bit easier - maybe like that:

   <a tal:attributes="href context/url" tal:content="context/urldescription"
      linkwriter:marklink="" />

How complicated is it to write an additional pagetemplate namespace which is 
able to
"postprocess" a tag, after 'tal', 'i18n' and 'metal' did their work?

It would involve hacking Page Template sources beyond recoginition :).

There are several ways to tackle your problem:

* Solution outside of Zope.

Martijn suggested a JavaScript. If you need it to work for non-JavaScript browsers, I suggest a WSGI middleware that checks for text/html data and transforms <a> elements as needed. You could do the transformation in XSLT or Python (e.g. via elementtree).

* Solution within Page Templates:

Write a new TALES expression type (like string: or python:) that constructs link tags. This could like:

  <a tal:replace="structure link:context/url context/urldescription">
    link goes here

The link: expression would split the argument string, take the first part as the URL and the second one as the link description. Both would be fed through the PathExpression so that they're evaluated.

Custom TALES expression types are components providing zope.tales.interfaces.ITALESExpression. Look at zope.tales.expressions for the implementation of the standard TALES expressions.

* Solution outside Page Templates:

Write a view for all objects that you want to generate URLs from. The feasibility of this solution depends on whether you always have objects with 'url' and 'urldescription' attributes (or similar) to generate links from. Then you could write:

  <a tal:replace="structure context/@@html_link">link goes here</a>

The html_link view would generate the whole <a> tag accordingly. If you'd like to keep things flexible, the html_link view would first adapt the context to something like ILinkInformation that has the 'url' and 'urldescription' attributes.



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