Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Martin Aspeli wrote:
FB-5 wrote:
my employer want to have all external links marked with a small icon
anonymous users from the internet that everything behind given links is
beyond our responsibility.
Why not use a piece of javascript to do this? See the linkpopper
product on for a way to process all links in a page and
process them. That product makes external links open in a new window,
but the code should be easy to alter.
Thank you for the hint.

But there are several reasons for not using JS:
   * One of the constraints of that site is javascript being optional.
     Problem ist: marked links are mandatory - they have to be marked
     even with javascript turned off.
   * I'd like to have a tag-postprocessing namespace for some other
     reasons, too - e.g. for a printing-view that automatically creates
     a list of links at the end of the page.

"Post processing" literally screams WSGI middleware to me.

   * I'd like to know, how to make a new pagetemplate namespace :-).

Be open minded, Frank :). I think you really just want a more convenient spelling for generating URLs -- which is absolutely

(forgot to finish sentence)

-- which is abolutely fine. There's just not one solution to the problem, and surely not the one you had in mind. Sorry :(

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