George Lee wrote:
I am trying to be a good programmer and create pure Zope packages instead of
Plone products when possible.

That's great! Note that you will either need Zope 2.10 or Zope 2.9 + Five 1.4 for this.

How do dotted package names (like plone.portlets or work? In
\zopeinstance\lib\python, is the package actually in
\zopeinstance\lib\python\, or is it in

The latter.

What is the purpose of using the dotted name?

Short answer: package namespaces.

Long answer: Say you're creating a widget library. You could call your package simply "widget". But then if I create a widget library and called it "widget", too, we'd have a conflict and couldn't use them at the same time. That's why you call your package "george.widget" and I'll call my package "philikon.widget". Makes sense?

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