Benji York wrote:
[a mixture of truth and pre-caffeine insanity]

I suspect my problem may be a configuration issue in my PAU

It sounds like it; make sure you have the "No Challenge if Authenticated" plugin enabled.

My suggestion above makes no sense at all. :)

Two things:

I like your original idea of finding a way to cache the fact that a user is authenticated. I'd like to see a plugin that stores that information in a session, that way the plugin could be used with zc.winauth or any other credential mechanism.

Per your performance problems: we have used zc.winath in a pretty heavily-loaded environment with a user-store of more than 5,000 entries. Unless you have massively more users than that, I would think you should be able to get decent performance. We had some similar performance problems and I was able to re-configure the server on-which Zope was running such that the authentication was much faster. I wish I remembered the details, hopefully Google and MSDN will be helpful.
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