On Monday 16 October 2006 18:48, Jeff Shell wrote:
> Basically, I would like there to be a way that I can easily query an
> object to see if there are any links pointing in its direction so that
> I could handle a "Delete" operation. IE - "Deleting the Summer Sale
> page will break the following items: (1. Summer Sale Promo, 2. Summer
> Sale Newsletter Banner). Do you want to delete those as well?" .. or
> something like that. It's a bit beyond the scope of my current
> project, but is something I'd like to get back to.
> I see there's a `zc.extrinsicreference` in the svn.zope.org
> repository. Is that in a usable state?

All the zc packages should be up-to-date. In the Lovely projects we use 
zc.relationship, even though it is much more complicated than it should be. 
The schooltool.relationship package is easier to use and is also up-to-date.

I cannot say anything about other packages.

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