Hello zope3-users;
I am having the following situation but I can't find an elegant solution for it.

I am having users signing up in my system. They will enter their personal information(name, univ. major) in 2 (could be even more) languages which will be saved in a PersonalInfo object:

And I need to switch between the user's say Japanese name and English name. for this matter I ask the user to enter names in both japanese and english and then programmatically update an existing ILocalTranslationDomain utility to register his japanese personal info with the english one. This works fine.

But the real problem is when two users want to have different translations for the same english word. for example one user might define "some-jp-equevalent" for "an english word" but another user might want to have "some-other-jp-equivalent" for "an english word"...

In the case of one translation domain setting "an english word" again will override the original meaning. but I want to let every user has his own translation for each word ... I thought of having a domain for every user but then thought maybe there is a more elegant (and easier) way to do this.

Any help is very much appreciated.
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