Hello Frank, Thanks for the help.

right. it is basically based on your mpgsite.i18n. I think what you do(especially the "I18NWidget") should be a part of standard zope. Thanks for the great package, I learned a lot from it. I downloaded the svn version a couple of days ago but because of the "fb" package (as you mentioned) which wasn't there I couldnt run it properly so I just borrowed some parts (basically just the widget) and somehow made it appear (just for the EDIT part not for the DISPLAY).

I understand that you are using the namespace approach. well, It is possible to get the Dict form of the widget (for example {'en':'something','jp':'something else'} ) . so when one says
<span tal:content="context/something"></span>

in the template, what appears is " {'en':'something','jp':'something else'} "

I thought maybe by having a custom display format for the custom widget then we can just check for the preferred language and return the appropriate language version: namely "something" OR "something else" This way we don't need to change the page template at all.

the problem is I cannot register a custom display format for the I18N widget.

May be I am missing something, but even in the standard zope.app.form.browser it says


and in the .textwidgets.URIDisplayWidget it is apparently telling it to place the URI inside <a></a> tags but this is not the case when you display the URI widget using:

<span tal:content="context/someURI"></span>

so the view is not processed at all....
Now, If the zope:view tag only registers another view for the widget then MAYBE the problem is how to activate that view i.e. set it as default view.

I appreciate any help Frank.

+ if I can make the standard URI widget to appear in <a></a> tags then the same solution is valid for my problem I think. So maybe some zope3-developer guys can help as well. Thank you.


FB wrote:

On Sat, Nov 25, 2006 at 04:17:24AM +0900, Hassan Alirezaei wrote:
Hello guys,

I have a custom widget and I cannot manage to have a custom way of displaying it after editing. as far as I know, I should be registering the view for form.interfaces.IDisplayWidget(for display) and form.interfaces.IInputWidget(for editing).
I use the following zcml lines:

  <zope:view type="zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserRequest"
      permission="zope.Public" />

  <zope:view type="zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserRequest"
      permission="zope.Public"  />

This looks familiar :-) .

I don't know, if you used my I18NSimpleDisplayWidget. If you do: I can't
remember ever using this one - maybe it's not working as expected. In most
cases, I needed those multilingual fields in page template which I used
a tales-namespace-adapter for.

I admit that mpgsite.i18n is a mess. I'm currently moving all the i18n-stuff into a different package (fb) which is much smaller than mpgsite. fb.i18n has
some additional advantages:
* a special class is used as i18n-container (not a dict anymore). This class knows how to extract language versions, does some other fancy stuff and
     behaves like a dict otherwise.
      * One language is marked as the "reference language" now
      * a dedicated class makes it easy to i.e. extract all i18n-objects
        from the *whole zodb* and make some poor guy translate them.
   * Documentation is in english
   * dependencies are clear:
      * fb.fields: for displaying fancy help in edit forms
* fb.skin's header-viewletprovider which is easy providable by your own skin, too * fb.searchengines: for automatically presenting all language versions to user agents identified as search engines (I asked a google-guy: It's
        ok to do so).

The fb-package is available via svn here:


The package is not complete, yet. But it will be at the end of the next week.


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