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> Just one last question. if the template just uses str() then what does the
> following zcml do????? it is in the standard zope3 distribution under the
> zope/app/form/browser/configure.zcml and I didn't notice any problem even
> when i removed it. Is it just some irrelevant piece????

Usually you don't need displaywidgets. But they're handy if you e.g. want to
view an object's content knowing the schema interface without any template.

The browser:schemadisplay zcml-directive does that.

> This sounds really cool. I am really unfamiliar with namespaces though.
> can you please tell me where in fb package (or mpgsite package) you define
> this namespace.

mpgsite uses two rather big tales-ns-adapters (mpg, mpgi18n), defined in
mpgsite.tales. fb's approach is more modular. The i18n-ns-adapter's logic
is in fb.i18n.tales, the registration is done in fb/i18n/configure.zcml .
How those adapters work and how to write them yourself is explained in
Stephan Richter's book.


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