David Johnson wrote:
Yes. Excuse my lack of explanation. When developing an eCommerce site, a customer will in the end need to check out. They will have a shopping cart (which can be handled through sessions and a SQL database), and then they will need to select a form of payment, a delivery address, and complete their purchase. It's been my experience this is one the most difficult parts of an eCommerce application.

I've written parts of a shopping cart / checkout mechanism for an ecommerce site once (though admittedly not with Zope 3 but Zope 2). Do you have any specific questions? You seem to have the right idea already with sessions, etc. (though nothing in an ecommerce application nor a shoppingcart implementation requires a SQL database).

If I had to do it all over again in Zope 3, I'd most probably leverage the form data validation and form handler action mechanisms zope.formlib has to offer.

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