On Fri, Feb 02, 2007 at 08:20:42AM +0100, Sascha Ottolski wrote:
> Sure. It might very well be my stupidity, but up to now I couldn't find a 
> solution to this problem. Note that it's not solved like most examples would 
> suggest with
>     <p i18n:translate="">
>       Hi, please <a tal:attributes="href view/click_url"
>                     i18n:name="click">click</a> here!
>     </p>
> cause that would replace the whole <a> tag, so the tal:attributes gets lost 
> (and none of the docs I've seen so far has got an example for my case). If 
> I'm not mistaken, that would result in
>     msgid="Hi, please ${click} here!"
> which is certainly not what I want.

How about

      <p i18n:translate="">
        Hi, please <a tal:attributes="href view/click_url"
                      i18n:translate="">click</a> here!


That should give you two msgids:

    Hi, please $click here!




Marius Gedminas
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