Marius Gedminas wrote:

I'd be happy to implement and commit something


but I'd be happier if
someone else designed the API.  When I try to design APIs myself, I tend
to change my mind too often.  Now I want

    @form.action("Cancel", validator=None)

to mean "do no validation".  But perhaps that's not backwards-compatible

+1 This sounds sensible and intuitive and non-invasive. It was the first thing I tried. :)

From my original debugging, I think the problem is that when validator=None in formlib, it falls back on some default validator. I suggest that the "default" validator is some _marker, e.g.

_marker = object

def action(name, ..., validator=_marker):


   if validator is _marker:
       validator = default_validator

Or some such. The only thing that'd break, probably, would be people who *explicitly* set validator=None and expected the default validator, which sounds like a pretty marginal case to me.


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