Maciej Wisniowski wrote:
    @form.action("Cancel", validator=None)
-1 from me

Currently above code is same as:

So I think this is a very common pattern that means:
do standard validation, do not use additional action validator.

Yes. I think you misunderstand my suggestion.



is the same as

        @form.action("Cancel", validator=None)

I think it's fairly unlikely that someone *wanted* the default validation and *explicitly* used the second syntax. To say validator=None and get a default validator is fairly un-intuitive.

I'm proposing that if you *explicitly* pass validator=None, you get no validator. The way the code works currently from what I can tell, the easiest way of achieving that would be if the default for which the fallback is invoked is not "None" but is some "_marker". This is a fairly common pattern.


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