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Doyon, Jean-Francois wrote:
- On the web boxes run Apache with mod_rewrite to get you to the Zope
instance(s) running on the app layer machines

Some people substitute Squid for Apache, or in certain circumstances, leave that layer out all together.

I still bother to try and get single CPU machines, because of the whole
Python GIL vs. Thread issue, though newer linuxes have CPU affinity.

I don't quite understand that statement. You can certainly run an instance per CPU and modern OS schedulers are smart enough to make setting CPU affinity overkill.

Four instances on a four core box works quite nicely. :)

Do you mean "four instances on a box with 4 cpus" or "4 instances on a box with 2 cpus, where each CPU has a dual core"? ie. has anyone tried running 2 instances of zope on a dual-core cpu? If so, how did it perform?

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