> What percentage of your users will be logged in using a 
> password/sso/nltm/etc?

100% Ideally... even for read-only :)

> > activities:
> > 90% reading
> > 10% modifying objects
> Yeah, you'll have no problems with zodb based on those figures...

Our plan is to have Zope talk to MSSQL, MySQL, etc. and serve primarily
as a presentation layer, with the vast majority of heavy lifting
happening on our company LAN via client-side apps.  Is this a sensible
project to undertake with Zope?  Should we reconsider absolutely
everything?  Is this more of a situation where there are many roads to
the same destination, each no better/worse than the other?  

Too many questions... not enough knowledge...  ;-)

Thank you again for all the great feedback!

Dan Buch
SmartEd Services
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