Dan Buch wrote:
100% authenticated, all the time (TLS/SSL?)

TLS/SSL has little to do with authentication.

What percentage of your users will be logged in using a password/sso/nltm/etc?

90% reading
10% modifying objects

Yeah, you'll have no problems with zodb based on those figures...

It took me long enough to convince my bosses that Ubuntu, Zope, Python,
<everything FOSS>, were safe alternatives to going 100% MS.  If my
company can purchase a Sun server, then we can purchase support from
Canonical: http://www.ubuntu.com/sun

Canonical will support anything if you give them money ;-)
I wouldn't have thought Sun was that high up their list of caring...

Please let me know if I'm totally off-base with my logic here ;-)  The
IT infrastructure consultant (the company pres.'s son) would prefer to
buy everything through Dell, so if I'd be better off abandoning my
obsession with Sun, well... that's what I'll have to do :)

Stick with the dells...


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