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[skipping questions I can't answer]

1. Is Zope3 already in use in productive environments? Where are they (URLs)?

Sure, a lot of people on the zope3-users list are using Zope 3 in production. In particular, many Zope solution providers like Zope Corp, gocept, Infrae, Lovely Systems, etc. are using Zope 3 in production with several projects and have open-source'd a lot of their code (mostly at Canonical is using Zope 3 for Launchpad ( Schooltool is written in Zope 3 as well (

Now, where should we start with it in Zope3 to connect it to an RDBMS?

Using an object-relational mapper such as SQLObject or SQLAlchemy. Then you either write the bridging code from Zope to those yourself (hook the two transaction systems together, etc.), or you use one of the already-existing bridging solutions, sqlos ( or z3c.zalchemy (

3.2 sqlos - SQLObject Support package (
Is it stable? Has someone experiences with it?
Stephan Richter says: "On the other hand, not many people use sqlos, so
it might not be as supported as you wish it would be." Is that still right?

I know of a larger project that uses sqlos in production ( I know that there are people using and maintaining sqlos, but I can't say to which degree. Best is you ask specific questions on the sqlos mailinglist (

4. Has anybody practical experience and hints with Zope3 and RDBMS?

Sure. Do you want me to write them all down now? Please be specific or come to one of my trainings :).

5. The ZMI: In Zope2 we never used it. Do we need the ZMI in Zope 3
just if we will not use the ZODB for storing our content objects but
an RDBMS instead. According to 'Web Component Development with Zope
3' by Philipp von Weiterhausen the ZMI is used to manage content
objects stored in the ZODB, so our assumption is, if we do not store
them in the ZODB, we do not need the ZMI. Is that right or do we need
the ZMI for anything else? Do we need ZMI in Zope3 for administration
or can we do that with scripts etc.?

The Zope 3 "ZMI" can be seen as an example application for Zope 3. It's absolutely not necessary and I think very few people are using even the smallest parts. To cut a long answer short: no, you absolutely don't need the ZMI. In fact, disable in your Zope 3 instance configuration and the ZMI is gone (at least the skin).

6. Last but not least two quotes from the zope3-dev mailinglist
>Shane Hathaway wrote:
>> It could
>> turn out that people who don't want ZODB really shouldn't use Zope at
>> all.
>This has been the case in my experience...
>Chris Withers
Discussion 'Zope 3 without ZODB' in the zope3-dev mailinglist
>... I expect that such an application would look a lot like
>applications built with other web frameworks.
>Jim Fulton

What do you say about that? Does that mean that we should definitively
not use Zope3 if we don't want to use the ZODB but our RDBMS instead?

Jim's quote is out of context, I believe. He's talking about applications that don't use object publishing. You can still use object publishing with RDBMS.

I think people should consider Zope 3 if...

* they like the idea of object publishing (=URLs are broken into parts which correspond to individual objects)

* they like the idea of separate, invidually testable and replaceable components

* they like the ability to reuse components built by the community and/or to make their components available to the community for reuse

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