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> 1. Is Zope3 already in use in productive environments? Where are they 
> (URLs)?

Yes.  http://launchpad.net/ is one example of a Zope 3 site that uses
a SQL database instead of ZODB.

> Now, where should we start with it in Zope3 to connect it to an RDBMS?

I do not have practical experience here.  I would look at sqlos.

(I would also probably investigate TurboGears of Django as a possible
alternative.  The grass always seems greener on the other side.)

> 3.1 We have found 'PostGreSQL Database Adapter' and 'MySQL Database
> Adapter'. Both are from the Isar sprint (2004-11-06). Are they out of date,
> or just 'nearly perfect'? Is anybody using these adapters?

I think that nobody uses them.

> 5. The ZMI: In Zope2 we never used it.
> Do we need the ZMI in Zope 3


You may have a fun time studying the Zope 3 internals if you decide that
you want to get rid of the ZODB and any vestiges of ZMI (such as the
default root folder with the associated site and local utilities).  I am
absolutely certain that it is doable, but I am afraid that you will have
to figure out how to do it by yourself.

> 6. Last but not least two quotes from the zope3-dev mailinglist
> (http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope3-dev/2006-February/018217.html):
> >>Shane Hathaway wrote:
> >>>> It could
> >>>> turn out that people who don't want ZODB really shouldn't use Zope at
> >>>> all.
> >>This has been the case in my experience...
> >>Chris Withers
> ...
> Discussion 'Zope 3 without ZODB' in the zope3-dev mailinglist
> (http://www.mail-archive.com/zope3-dev@zope.org/msg07517.html):
> >>... I expect that such an application would look a lot like
> >>applications built with other web frameworks.
> >>Jim Fulton
> What do you say about that? Does that mean that we should definitively
> not use Zope3 if we don't want to use the ZODB but our RDBMS instead?

No, but that is not a typical use of Zope 3 (although it's been done),
so you should not expect much in the way of documentation.

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