We Don't want a CMS. We need a framework to build an application which can
grow with us, and be adapted to our needs, needs that are very likely to
change over time.

Thanks for your comments.

Michael Ang wrote:

> Use Plone, best for Intranet.
> Matias Emanuel Surdi wrote:
>> --------------------
>> I've posted this same message on grok-devel mailing list.
>> I'm just looking for comments from the other side
>> Thanks a lot in advance.
>> --------------------
>> Hi,
>> I'm going to start a new project in a few weeks and I'm evaluating
>> possible frameworks to use.
>> My best candidate at the momment is Zope 3, since I have a couple of
>> years of experience with Python and Zope 3 provides most things I will
>> need (such as authentication, templates, database access, workflows,
>> etc..).
>> We are going to build an intranet portal, where each department of the
>> company (a software development one)  has it's own area, and the
>> application should provide applications for the needs of everyone, we
>> need a bug tracking system, a support platform for our customers, a
>> knowledge base for our employees and customers, an many other
>> applications...
>> So, I've no experience with Zope nor Grok.
>> I would like to receive some advice about choosing Grok or Zope. I think
>> Grok is more easy to start with, but... ┬┐will it in the future put any
>> limit on a very big intranet application for an entire company?
>> Thanks for your comments.

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