Michael Ang skrev:
Use Plone, best for Intranet.

Certainly not. Plone is a pain in the but for intranets. At least for some kinds.

I have made quite a few of them, and plone works against you a lot of the time.

Plone has a content based interface, and an intranet needs a task based interface.

For intranets you often need to do the same littel thing over and over again. So the interface needs to be fast and simple. Eample:

If you want to make eg. a time registration module, you need a quick way to enter time registration entries. So you really have to create a special interface for it. Adding a "time registration" content type to a special folder is really impractical.

Content based model

1. go to intranet
2. find time registration folder
3. add time registration
4. set start time
5. set end time
6. add a comment
7. select project
8. save time registration

task based model

1. go to intranet
2. add comment
3. Enter time used
4. select project
5. save time registration

The last model will make time registration a lot more pleasent for end users.

If you chose to go that way, you are fighting the way Plone is thought out, and are probably better of with a z3 solution.


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark

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