Derek Richardson wrote:
I am using hexagonit.recipe.cmmi to install pound ( in front of zope. After I cmmi, I need to install a config file. I'd like to include the pound config file in buildout.cfg, like the zcml section in zc.zope3recipes:application. Is there a simple recipe for making a file out of a section in the buildout.cfg and putting it in a particular place?

I'm not a big fan of inlining other configuration files into buildout.cfg. Especially having half of site.zcml in buildout.cfg gives me the creeps (it messes up all my formatting, for starters). There isn't even much reason for having that particular file generated. It could just as well be sitting on the filesystem next to buildout.cfg. (That's what zopeproject does, by the way). You're going to check in the whole directory anyway.

I do sometimes feel the need of having files rendered with variable substitution according to a template. This is what Jürgen's lovely.recipe:mkfile does, but it inlines the file template. I've just released z3c.recipe.filetemplate which does the same but reads the template from the filesystem. I'm planning on using this for zopeproject.

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