Martin Aspeli wrote:
Derek Richardson wrote:
So, is there an easy way to do it? I know I can write a recipe, but a recipe seems heavyweight for this. It seems to me that access to these two values should be built into buildout as implicit variables. Is this contrary to the lightweight, pluggable design philosophy?

What's the use case here? I can't think of many good uses for something that's going to vary depending on who's running the buildout.

The use case is that the pound ( install is evil. Configure takes -o (owner) and -g (group) parameters to set ownership of the pound binary. This would be fine if leaving them blank defaulted to the current user and group. However, it defaults to system-specific settings, which, on my mac, is the 'www' user and 'www' group. Unless I run my buildout as root, the build fails. Not cool. Really, I'm only assuming that running as root would work, since I refuse to run buildout as root. So, to test on my mac, I want to pick up the current user and group.

I've written a recipe that, given no parameters, returns the name of the current user and current user's group. Given a user name, it returns the name of the specified user's group.

Secondly, buildout and at least the recipes we like to promote are cross-platform. This may not be as easy to achieve on Windows.

Yep. So, unfortunately, I may not release this recipe.

Thirdly, users can be in multiple groups, so at least you'd need a list, which may not lend itself so well to the standard way of using variables in buildout.

The UNIX gid from the password database is good enough.

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