Roger Ineichen wrote:
> Hi Jim
> Right now I can see the following usecases:
> - File is encoded on file system
> - PageTemplate class defines a encoding
> - HTML template defines encoding
> - is there a encoding option in ZCML?
> Are more components involved in this?
Hi, Roger

Are you dealing with input or output?

For output, the zope publisher has always (apparently until just
recently) taken care of the meta-content-type tag and header for page
templates.  It checks the client's accept-encoding, and if utf-8 is OK,
the publisher will decide utf-8 is the output charset, otherwise it sets
the charset to whatever the client will accept.  Then, any existing
meta-content-type tag is removed, and a meta-content-type tag is
inserted into the document head (using the document's contentType), and
the appropriate http header is set.  The presumption is that page
template content at publishing time is unicode and gets encoded for
output (with appropriate tags and headers) by the publisher.

So, if this is about outputting page template content, it's a matter of
returning the publisher to its previous behavior, inserting the
meta-content-type tag.

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