Hi all,

I'm a Z3 novice making making a site search with ISearchableText. All of the previous searches I have developed in Z3 were quite straight-forward in that I indexed objects that always had a single browser view configured on them that was suitable for using as a search result URL should that object be returned by a catalog search.

THIS time it's different.

I have ISiteSection folderish objects with multiple browser:page views configured on them via ZCML (let's say @@view1.html and @@view2.html). These views each use a template and a view class.

These ISiteSection objects contain other simple ITidbit content objects. Depending on their ZPT and/or backing classes, @@view1.html and @@view2.html could each potentially display content from any or all of the ITidbit objects.

The ITidbit objects do not have any view configured on them that represents a full browser page - they were intended only to provided a small portion (perhaps a paragraph) of a page's content... they are essentially managed includes. 

My problem:
If I index the ITidbit objects, and a catalog search returns the id of a matched ITidbit object, and I check the ITidbit's parents for the nearest ISiteSection object, I still need a way to determine which ISiteSection views display content from which ITidbit objects. blarg.

I'm starting to suspect my design pattern here isn't going to support my requirements. Has anyone solved this problem or have any pattern advice?


Jeremy Roberts
Technology Principal
The Incredible Pear

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