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Christian Theune wrote:
And you can mix-and match: have buildout profiles that use your personal `good` Python for development and production profiles that build it themselves. OTOH this is somewhat controversial regarding test what you fly, fly what you test ... ;)

As long as you also run your tests in production, it seems fine to me.

True. OTOH you really don't want your development environment to be far off your production environment. Joel (Spolsky) wrote a good article about leaking abstractions. It can be rather nasty to find a failing test when wanting to put something into production. (Of course this is way better than going in production and not seeing failing tests.)

If that clean python is built as a package (e.g., an rpm) and the product is also built as a package (see zc.sourcerelease) which declares to depend on the clean python package, the development and production environments will be the same. It'll fly what it tested.

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