Christophe Combelles a écrit :

I have a very simple buildout that tries to use the KGS:
index =
newest = false

And my has (among others)
install_requires=[(......)  ,'z3c.formui']

a buildout -vv tells me that :

Adding find link '' from z3c.formui 1.4.1
We have no distributions for ZODB3 that satisfies 'ZODB3'.
Processing ZODB3-3.9.0-dev-r77011.tar.gz

So I get a development version of ZODB instead of 3.8

Is there a problem with z3c.formui?
Is there a way to tell buildout to *NEVER* use anything else than the KGS,
so that it fails with an error instead of deciding what I should use?

Ok for this one, I just have to copy-paste all the versions from into the buildout.cfg.

But why did the index change in the middle of the buildout?
If I don't hardcode all the versions, it begins with an index ('zope3.4') and changes to another index ('distribution') in the middle, so that all subsequent packages are downloaded from that second index.


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