I investigated these last month.

At the high-level there are two options, ORM or Direct SQL.

If you are going down the route of ORM, there are two well supported and
active ORMs, SQLAlchemy and Storm.

If you are going with alchemy, there are several options. I made a few
notes as I was looking at them. For my purposes ore.alchemist and storm
suited best. Here are my notes...


        -       Works like ZODB
        -       Creates tables on the fly
        -       No control over the schema
        -       built on ore.alchemist

        -       I failed to get this working. The documentation is not
                ZCML friendly. The connection mechanism is undocumented.
                It requires that UUID functionality is installed in


        -       intergrates zope.sqlalchemy (see below)
        -       provides a configuration mechanism
        -       No integration to interfaces

z3c.zalchemy (abandoned)

        -       Integration of SQLAlchemy to Zope Transactions
        -       Integration of interfaces - objects work like zope objects


        -       See Martin Aspellis book
        -       Not zope objects (plone - archetypes)
        -       see zope.sqlalchemy below


        -       attempt to unify the integration of SQLAlchemy to the Zope
                transaction management machinery
        -       Allows sqlalchemy to work in a Zope instance.
        -       provides NO configuration mechanism


        -       layer to provide 'scoped session support' on top of
        -       SQLAlchemy session factory is a zope utility

        -       Note: you cannot connect to the database during the
                xmlconfig pass.

                <include package="z3c.saconfig" file="meta.zcml" />
                        url="posgres://name:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/databasename"


          - of the alchemy ORM approaches, this worked best for me
          - simple container based mechanism for mapping a file to the ORM
          - 'bind' meta directive controls meta-data lookup after
            database connect

Also, if you are going with SQL database only, have a look at lovey.zetup.
This provides a ZODB'less mechanims for building your site.

I hope this helps,


> Hi,
> I currently have to integrate an SQL database (PostgreSQL, with PostGIS
> extensions) into my Zope3 application.
> I'd like to use SQLAlchemy to handle this, and I've seen that several
> packages are available : z3c.zalchemy, z3c.sqlalchemy,
> zope.sqlalchemy...
> So my questions are simple :
>  - what package is the best to plug into my Zope (3.3.1) application ?
>  - do all these packages handle the same features ??
> Thanks for any information,
>   Thierry Florac
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