Am Dienstag 18 November 2008 13:06:31 schrieb Thierry Florac:
> Hi,
> I currently have to integrate an SQL database (PostgreSQL, with PostGIS
> extensions) into my Zope3 application.
> I'd like to use SQLAlchemy to handle this, and I've seen that several
> packages are available : z3c.zalchemy, z3c.sqlalchemy,
> zope.sqlalchemy...
> So my questions are simple :
>  - what package is the best to plug into my Zope (3.3.1) application ?
>  - do all these packages handle the same features ??

I personally use zope.sqlalchemy, beforehand I used z3c.zalchemy. I do not use 
any extra features such as automatic interface creation, automatic storage of 
Zope objects into the RDB and such.

In my case I'm integrating an existing relational database into my Zope 
application, whereas I wanted to use the Power of an ORM machinery.

And for that, zope.sqlalchemy works very well.

Best Regards,

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