Hi Tim,

Tim Cook schrieb:
> If I have an interface (IDvText) and a class DvText (shown below).  and
> I want it to act exactly as a zope.schema Textline (with some additional
> attributes) then is this correct and how do I (where do I find how to)
> register/add to the TextLine widget?  Apologies for the line wraps.


> class IDvText(Interface):
>     """
>     blah blah!
>     """
>     value = TextLine(
>         title = _(u"Value"),
>         description = _(u"""Displayable rendition of the item,
> regardless of its underlying structure. For DV_CODED_TEXT, this is the
> rubric of the complete term as provided by the terminology service. No
> carriage returns, line feeds, or other non-printing characters
> permitted."""),
>     )


>     encoding = Object(
>         schema = ICodePhrase,
>         title = _(u"Encoding"),
>         description = _(u"""Name of character encoding scheme in which
> this value is encoded. Coded from openEHR Code Set "character sets".
> Unicode is the default assumption in openEHR, with UTF-8 being the
> assumed encoding. This attribute allows for variations from these
> assumptions."""),
>         required = False
>         )         
> ******************************************************
> from zope.interface import implements
> from zope.i18nmessageid.message import MessageFactory
> from zope.schema import TextLine
> from interfaces.dvtext import IDvText
> _ = MessageFactory('oship')
> class DvText(TextLine):
>     """
>    blah blah!
>     """
>     implements(IDvText)
>     def __init__(self, value, mappings=None, formatting=None,
> hyperlink=None, language=None, encoding=None):
>         self.value = value
>         self.mappings = mappings
>         self.formatting = formatting
>         self.hyperlink = hyperlink
>         self.language = language
>         self.encoding = encoding

This does not look like you want to write a field. A schema field itself 
is not persistent on an object. The field is constructed at runtime and 
has a 'get' and a 'set' method to handle the value that should to be 
persistent on an object.
As you have a bunch of informations you store in a DvText it looks like 
it should itself be persistent, and not a field! It seems you just want 
to show specific informations about it somewhere. Can you describe what 
you want to do?

If you want to write a schema filed, it has to comply with (beside 
others) the zope.schema.interfaces.IField interface that needs some 
attributes like title, description and required that are used in a 
schema description. Then you should read the implementation of 
zope.schema._bootstrapfields.Field, .Text and .TextLine.

The registration of widgets happens in 
zope/app/form/browser/configure.zcml. Also your field should be a field, 
and it is working, the right TextLine widget should be picked up cause 
DvText say's it implements ITextLine (cause it inherits from TextLine), 
and the widget is registered for ITextLine.


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