Good morning from the new guy on the list.

I'm a C++ programmer planing to start my own programming business.

For the web stuff, I'm thinking about using Plone if a CMS is required and Zope 
3 if I don't need a CMS.

I have Windows XP Pro on my desktop. I will probably lease or colocate a server 
at a hosting service running OpenBSD or FreeBSD.

Can Plone and Zope 3 co-exist on the same system? Are there problems because of 
Zope 2 in Plone clashing with Zope 3? I understand Plone contains some Zope 3 
components and I wonder if I will end up with multiple copies of the same 

What about the Python versions? Can I install Python 2.5 or 2.6 and have Plone 
and Zope 3 use it, or will each want their own Python?

Finally (for now), to get up to speed on this software I am planning to buy the 
following books:

Learning Python
Professional Plone Development
Web Component Development with Zope 3

Am I on the right path or should I run away before it's too late? :)


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