Luis Espinoza Jr. wrote:
> Can Plone and Zope 3 co-exist on the same system? 


> Are there problems because of Zope 2 in Plone clashing with Zope 3? 

only if you try really hard ;-)

> I understand Plone contains some Zope 3 components and I wonder if I will end 
> up with multiple copies of the same software.

If you end up with multiple copies of the same software, you will have 
no problems.

> What about the Python versions? Can I install Python 2.5 or 2.6 and have Plone

On Windows, just use the binary installers.
On Linux, install a pristine Python 2.4 from source.
Then use buildout to manage your projects, which will keep the python in 
question pristine and leave you without clashing problems.



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