I'm a newbie to zope3 too.

Last November, I started my small app using the excellent framework
"Grok", and I'm happy. I do ldap-auth, i18n, sessions and database

So don't be stuck, use Grok: grok.zope.org

Best regards

Edward Zwart schrieb:
> I've been limping along for a couple weeks trying to learn this
> framework, and I'm completely stuck, and can barely even form a good
> question... so apologies in advance...
> My problem is I'm brand new to Zope, and it's impossible to tell when
> I'm reading something current or not.  I've been following the z3c
> (3.4 specific?) tutorial and also von Weitershausen's book.  But I
> think sometimes those two approaches are mutually exclusive.  I don't
> even know if that's true or not.  If someone could confirm that, that
> alone would be great.
> Someone on this list recently pointed out to me that Zope 3.4
> directory stucture (using zopeproject) versus the 3.3 one (using
> mkzopeinstance) was the issue I was encountering...  but I really
> don't know how far that issue goes when I'm reading other literature.
> Then today, I downloaded the just-announced z3c.form 2.0.0 demo to see
> if I could gain some insight into the various problems I've created
> for myself in the last few weeks, and I see again a completely
> different directory structure!
> So, there's mkzopeinstance, zopeproject, and the demo uses bootstrap.py...
> using mkzopeinstance, there's your root instance folder with an etc
> directory (with some of the config files in it)...
> using zopeproject, you get site.zcml and zope.conf and others in the
> root folder, no etc directory...
> and then there's the demo using bootstrap.py....with config files
> under the parts directory (as well as the db, no more var)....
> Ok, so how do I learn from this?  It is extremely difficult to
> penetrate!  Is there a process for reducing this barrier to newcomers?
>  What can I do to help?!  I'm sold on many aspects of Zope, and I
> would really like to be able to employ them!
> Please pardon the rant, but I've held off a long time, and I'm really
> at a loss...
> In the meantime, here's a specific problem...
> I am trying to make a custom template to render my form...
> Basically, I followed the Carduner z3c tutorial, and am trying to do
> this in my template...
> <div tal:content="view/render">the form goes here?</div>
> That gives an infinite recursion error.  Am I supposed to implement
> render()?  I would think it would just display the form as it does if
> I do not define a custom template.
> Thanks
> e.
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