Thanks for your help all.  Grok is not an option for this project, but
I'll be looking into it down the road.

The thing is, I know about steep learning curves, and I'm aware that
Zope is pretty steep, and I trust that the frustration will pay off
down the road, so I don't mind going through the pain necessarily...

Anyhow, the high level view has indeed helped my understanding move
along, so thanks again.

Back to my recursion problem, I see my mistake... I was trying to get
the "for free" behavior of a z3c form display on my own custom
template.  I would think this is a common thing to do... I have a
form, it's a person.  I want a view that shows that (and eventually
has an rpc-style edit bit to it ... not there yet!), AND shows some
other stuff...

I don't necessarily (yet) want to access each individual piece of the
form in this layout.  Does that make sense?  How would i do this?
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