First thanks Thierry for the great support.

>Can you try to install release 1.5.2 of zc.buildout ?
>(easy_install zc.buildout==1.5.2)

I deleted all my zc.buildouts, and easy installed it as suggested, and then 
tried to install  ztfy.webapp.

But the whole thing still does not work.  

I was wondering how could it work last time, but not this time, and what your 
suggestion tells me, is that the problem is not that  ztfy changed, the problem 
is that the 
tools which we use to install ztfy have changed.  So time to figure out what 
those tools do. 

I find the best way to understand all this stuff is to document it, so I went 
ahead and upgraded the ztfy installation documentation.

I still do not know what the problem is, but I am making progress on 
understanding all of this stuff. 

It is so nice to have you and Tamer also working on this.  Thanks. 


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