>From: Daryl Tester <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Let me try again, does any of you guys have a "config" subfolder inside 
> > /usr/lib/python1.5/ folder?
>Yes.  For the record (RedHat 6.1):
>[dt@nipnyep dt]$ ls /usr/lib/python1.5/config/
>Makefile        Setup.local   config.c.in     makesetup
>Makefile.pre.in  Setup.thread  install-sh      python.o
>Setup           config.c      libpython1.5.a

Thanks a lot, I am inching in day-by-day. :) Your directory structure is 
really illuminating. You've been very helpful. You'll see why in a second.

Trust me, and please take the time to verify yourself, and let me repeat 
once and for all: the "config" subfolder is a deprecated feature in Python. 
It's gone. Bye bye to "config". It no longer exists in Python distribution 

My Python folder shows the following: (this is from the latest source 
install of Python... downloaded yesterday from www.python.org)

[hjlu@www src]$ ls /u/c2/hjlu/Python-1.5.2/
BeOS            Makefile.in     Parser          config.cache    configure.in
Demo            Misc            Python          config.h        
Grammar         Modules         README          config.h.in     install-sh
Include         Objects         Tools           config.log      
Lib             PC              acconfig.h      config.status   pg.py
Makefile        PCbuild         buildno         configure       python

As you can see, a lot of your files that  used to be inside the "config" 
subfolder are nowadays at the root of the Python installation directory. The 
"makesetup" file is nowadays inside the "Modules" subfolder.

It seems to me that Python installation has changed substantially from 1.5 
to 1.5.2. So, in short, those of you that are running ZPyGreSQLDA are a very 
limited lucky bunch of people that are still using Python 1.5 instead of 
1.5.2. :) In other words, ZPyGreSQLDA simply doesn't work out-of-the-box 
with Python 1.5.2.

After tweaking the Makefile.pre.in, I have been able to go a few more steps 
in the makefile process. It still has error, but I'll solve one error at a 
day, ha. :)

Regards and thanks again to all who have helped. I'll post a summary on how 
to install ZPyGreSQLDA with Python 1.5.2, if I succeed to. :)

Hung Jung

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