> Martijn Pieters wrote:
> This is because according to the WebDAV spec, documents are retrieved using a
> plain 'GET' command, which is exactly the same as what browsers do.
> However, the spec also provides for a way to find out where to get the source
> of the document found at a specific URL, via the so-called Source Link. Zope
> provides this link, but I have yet to find a client that'll honour it and give
> you easy access to it.
> The relevant sections in the WebDAV spec are:
>    http://andrew2.andrew.cmu.edu/rfc/rfc2518.html#sec-5.4
> and
>    http://andrew2.andrew.cmu.edu/rfc/rfc2518.html#sec-13.1
> Now, I haven't seen either WebDAV client, if they support this feature, please
> let us know!
That's OK, it turns out the project that the web site is documenting is 
partly Java so I know a lot of Java. With the info you have given me I  
can probably modify the sources to DAVExplorer so that it gets the 
source rather than the rendered document. I had thought that maybe I was 
missing something in my Zope config. Perhaps it would have been better 
if I had, less work  ;^)

I have been using a very nice HTML editor under Linux, called Quanta+, 
unfortunately it can't open anything except local files. That's fine 
when I'm at work since I can use ZOPEEdit (ftp) or LocalFS. (LocalFS 
doesn't behave well with trees and other navigation products so I try to 
avoid it). The problem is that from home I can't use ftp becaues of the 
firewall. I've tried to tunnel through ssh but that doesn't work for me. 
I've been looking at WebDAV or writing something using ZClient but my 
python is very rusty.

If anyone has any comments or a solution to my problem, editing DTML 
through a firewall using something other than netscape, please let me know.

Regards to all,




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