Oleg Broytmann wrote:

> On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Hannu Krosing wrote:
>> True. The problem is that in some perverted fashion it seems to me that if
>> I use a GPL library with something the whole thing should go GPL, i.e. my

This was my impression of GPL too.  I thought that's why the LGPL (?) was

>    No - just using the GPL'd adapter do not require you to distribute Zope
> under GPL. The adapter is just a "plugin"; there was an explanation from
> RMS that GPL'd plugins does not require to GPL the main program and vice
> versa; there probably will be newer version of GPL (don't know how soon)
> which will explain the plugin thingie in details.
>    In short - only linking with GPL code "infects" your code with GPL.

This is unclear, and sounds like hair splitting to me.  What's the
difference between linking and using a plugin?  What happens when
the plugin is a dynamically linked shared library?  I haven't seen
PoPy, but if it's a C library interface under Python (like Pygresql)
the chances are good.

Confusion reigns.

  Daryl Tester

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