Hi Cesar ...

I'm not trying to tell about login manager, because I'm still trying. But I
can tell you about how to use RDBMS server and playing with data. You need a
database adatper(I'm using ZODB, there are several.....you can choose as you
like) and ZSQL method. Connect database from your control panel and mention
the same in ZODB database connection, now use ZSQL method for retrieving the
data and for any other SQL inputs. You can use Z Search Interface also for

Good Luck,
Chandra Sekhar.P

"Cesar A. K. Grossmann" wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm trying to produce a web site with user authentication, and was
> looking for something more customizable than the standard user
> authentication mechanism provided by Zope.
> My first step was look in the Zope page, making a search on the term
> 'authentication'. I found three products: UserDB, GenericUserFolder, and
> LoginManager.
> Reading the page at the UserDB I found the bellow:
> "Update (10/30/99): Zen has posted a product that has more functionality
> than UserDB, called GenericUserFolder. "
> Well, looks like the GenericUserFolder is more advanced. So I go to its
> page. In it there are another observation:
> "Deprecated
> This product is being deprecated in favor of the LoginManager.
> LoginManager is what I like to believe that GUF would have been if I
> didn't have to write it in a hurry."
> Well, the next step is going to the LoginManager and try to figure out
> how to install it and put it in my web site. I get the package (I'm
> using the Linux version of Zope, in a Conectiva Linux 4.2 - like Red Hat
> 6.x -, installed from the rpm packages found in the Zope site), and,
> after some troubles to make ZPatterns fully functional, I get it
> installed. So now? No HOWTO explaining how to put it to run. Well, go to
> the mailing list, and search old messages. No one helps me...
> I'm looking for a sequence of steps needed to configure and use the
> LoginManager. How to add users? How to add local roles? How to integrate
> it whith LDAP (not for now, but in the future)? How to use a RDBMS
> server, like PostgreSQL, to store the accounts (in case I cannot put
> LDAP up an running)?
> I'm not a Python programmer, and I have a limited knowledge of Zope and
> DTML, and my english is only better than your portuguese...
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