you do need zope to be installed on your isp (webhost). not all hosts will
allow it though. you should ask whether they have any policy about
long-running processes.

in order to install you need to download the appropriate version of zope,
ftp it into the appropriate place and then unpack it and there's more.

download zope and then take a good look at the included documentation. it
can be confusing but you'll just have to work thru it. there are also some
how-to's on the site that can help fill in some of the gaps.

as far as perl goes maybe this will help:

as far as converting your previous site, it will most-likley not be a
one-click thing. it shouldn't be too difficult though. the strcuture and
organization that works well for html/perl stuff is not the optimal one for
zope. in zope you can break stuff down into pieces, like a header footer and
etc and then include them anywhere for example (maybe you are already doing
this with ssi.)


The man who tried his best and failed is superior to the man who never
tried. --Bud Wilkinson

> Hi,
> I am newbie to zope(infact installed it yesterday). Just impressed with
> its capabilities. But there are somethings i cant figure out.
> I want to transfer a whole website containg javascript/html/cgi on
> zope. how do i do it. is it possible.
> Do i need to have zope on the ISP for my zope website to run.
> I only have ftp access on my ISP. Which files should i transfer so that
> the zope application works. btw i couldnot locate the files/database on my
> system about the webiste i am building. where is the database for the
> application kept.
> I donot know python but do know perl, can i add modules to zope in perl.
> Thanks.

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