Thus spake Chris Withers ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

> Scott Parish wrote:
> > I'm not entirely clear how
> > asking the object to delete itself in this case is going to improve the
> > situation over just asking the rack to, but I think that was the intent.
> Okay, I see the intent now too, but I agree with you that I can't see
> what advantage asking the object to delete itself provides. Could
> someone explain please?
> Furthermore, even if there was an advantage to this, why can't the
> rack's delete method just be piped through to the object's delete
> method? (which I thought was common practice with Specialists)

Another thought i just had was that if you deleted by placing a call to the
Rack, then you couldn't allow the class to override manage_delete.  You might
want to do such (overriding) if you wanted it to clean up a catalog or perform
some other auxiliary function before disappearing.


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