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>hi good people
>i've been using zope for quite some time now.  everything has been great; zope,
>the mailinglist, products are great!  
>i want to serve a dynamic site and zope fits the bill.  now, i think i want to have 
>some of the dynamic methods cached, so as to reduce the cpu cycles on my server. 
>y'see, the site has slowly bogged down as the number of users increase(dwhich is
>good, the users increase :)) and cpu cycles processing user requests have
>increased.  i'm not too sure (being a newbie) whether all my methods contribute
>to the consumption of cpu cycles.

FWIW, I think your approach is the right one..... Treat caching as an
optimisation. Wait until it's a measurable problem, then tackle the
hot spots.

>caching.  yes, i've tried putting cache headers on my docs, but it  seems that
>ie do not honor the headers, or maybe i put it wrongly.  ie(4.x and 5.x) kept
>showing the cached version of my pages, even after clearing the local cache.  
>only deleting the temp files solved the problem.  i had no bad behaviour from

There are several messages in the mailing list archives explaining how
to set these headers. Im still planning to write that HowTo one

>also tried ZCache, but according to the product author, better wait for the
>next version.  so, i'm waiting.
>meanwhile, i've tried Cache Pool, and it looks good.  i have yet to test the
>effectiveness of Cache Pool, but it looks as if the page loads faster now.

These products that cache stuff internal to Zope are great if you need
zope to process the cached data (from your desciption, you dont)

If you need to cache whole requests, then the best approach is to
understand and use the http cache headers. If processor load is your
main problem, an external http cache is a big advantage too (I use
squid, see http://www.squid-cache.org)

Toby Dickenson

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