Hmmm...  I don't know if this would apply..but..there *is* a howto on 
a method to allow requests for index.html tobe redirected to 
index_html. Basically the executive summary is that methods named as 
the various possible choices (index.html, index.htm, index.HTML, 
etc.) containing the single word ' index_html ' .. This has the 
effect of redirecting requests for those URLs to index_html in each 
directory. This would probably work in reverse, unless Zope would 
choke on the extension, which is I assume what you are talking about..

   If not, perhaps GoLive, Dreamweaver, etc, could be modified at some 
level to recognize as their default mime type text/html and not 
text/plain or whatever it is now..  (untested) so that index_html 
would be interpreted as a html file...

I use BBEdit myself frequently to edit DTML and although the nifty 
BBEdit formatting capabilities aren't available (and would probably 
get very confused by DTML if they were..) it still beats anything 
else I've seen for editing *existing* dtml pages..

(like Stephen said..)

My experiences have been with BBEdit 5.x, has anyone tried BBEdit 6.x 
with DTML?

Still, this is not the optimal fix, because I still use BBEdit, for 
example on a lot of other kinds of textfiles and HTML as the default 
behavior would be something I would have to keep turning off..

There has to be an easy way...I would be surprised if there wasn't 
some way to configure DTML capabilities into these programs..

it just will take a little creative thinking...

Of course a WYSIWYG tool could never in any way simulate the dynamics 
of a Zope site, so using them would still require DTML competency..


>on 1/11/00 10:47 am, Stephan Goeldi at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Is there? And are there known problems with Zope?
>"In theory" it all works fine. GoLive can ftp open dtml files. except
>because they are called index_html and not index.html, GoLive thinks they
>are text files and not html template files. This is such a pain. Using a
>WYSIWYG tool (on a mac) to edit dtml would be cool.
>This for me, effectively makes it too much of pain to use goLive. So close
>and yet...
>I think there's a trick where dtml files can be saved as index.html, and
>then you create a method that redirects index_html or /whatever/wherever/ to
>index.html in the same folder, but I'm not sure how to do that.  Someone has
>shown how to do it on this list. Try searching here...
>Using WebDAV (with goliath) may be an option.
>I've found BBEdit to be OK, although creating new dtml files is errors.
>Hope this helps

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