Hi Petr,

Am Donnerstag,  2. November 2000 14:49 schrieb Petr van Blokland:
> Holger, thanks for the reply.
> Some questions:
> - Where is the Translator product avalaible.

Please visit

> - What is I want to change from one language page to the same
> page with a different language. I don't want to change the settings
> in the browser for it.

Translator supports the standard browser settings as well as a cookie based 
version. It comes with a fully fledged demo that demonstrates this cookie 
stuff. For me it was cut, copy and paste from there on :-)

Make sure you check out www.vitaminic.com to see how it feels like :-) They 
did their site using Zope and Translator with cookies.

> - It seems that you have different folders per language containing
> all things for that language. That is not what we want. I want to have
> one folder structure where the different language versions of a text
> a in the same document or folder.

Sorry, no way :-(
But let me see if I can argue with you :-)

Yes, you can put it all in one directory and into on document.

But, just imagine this:
You have the "templates" in you main directory and only (!) a bunch of 
DTML-Methods located in the subfolders en,de,nl,fr,es and so on. These 
DTML-Methods only return a simple String or a small part of your document 
translated properly.
This enables you to choose different images for different languages for 
Furthermore you can "give" someone a copy of your default language folder and 
as him/her to translate it. This can be done in parallel without people 
having the need to change the original templates.

Now if you do not like all the DMLT-Methods, you can simple create a e.g. en 
folder and use properties attached to that folder to hold your translations.

If you do not like to have folders flying around, you can create them 
*inside* the translator. But please notice, you cannot have them outside as 
well as inside, the inside ones will always be the ones used, Translator will 
not seek any other folders once he found one.

The translator itself has another way of storing translated text. It is 
accesible on the Translate tab inside the translator. IMHO the translator has 
a very clumsy interface there so I never used it. But it might be cool as 
well, since you could be able to export this data as XML and reimport it once 
it is translated.

Anyway, whatever you do make shure you check it out and give yourself a day 
to waste on the translator to find out all possiple ways to play around. I 
had a lot of fun with it up to now and it works absolutely reliably.
Even the highest educated people in our company think this product is well 
designed to support multi lingual features so easily (apart from a fwe 
enhancements they would like to see :-))) )

- Holger

> Petr
> Holger Lehmann wrote:
> > Guys, please !
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