On Wed, Nov 08, 2000 at 06:13:54PM -0500, Evan Simpson wrote:
> From: Jason Cunliffe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Good news: 'ZMethod' is nice and 'sounds' good, however one says it.
> I agree, but then everyone around here thought that Zopelet was fairly 
> unobjectionable, even though  nobody really *liked* it.
> > Presumably the focus here is on newbies, not security managers.
> > No newbie will ever want to use a Restricted Python ZMethod.
> > What newbie wants to be limited/strait-jacketed/'kept from the cool stuff'?
> >
> > You are propsing a word with negative conotation for something that should
> > be prefered!  Yes, it is accurate, but that is beside the point.
> The two varieties aren't competing, and we aren't trying to promote one over 
> the other.  If a newbie  is willing to put up with the risks and awkwardness 
> of the current unrestricted design simply  because they sound "cooler", we 
> don't need to stop them.  The documentation will present the  restricted type 
> first and tout their advantages, but explain clearly when and why you would 
> want to  go to the trouble of going unrestricted.

There are several objections to this paragraph.  Of course they are competing,
for mindshare if nothing else.  Newbies don't know risks.  That is much of
what makes them newbies.  And it presupposes that the documentation exists,
is obviously accessible to recent Zope converts, and is actually read before
they 'Add a Method'.  Also, with the 'Wild Snake Thingy edittable from the
Web' paradigm, there is no awkwardness with which the user must put up.

> > Moreover, this also fails the concise/'easy to say' test that was
> > used to kick out several other meritorius naming suggestions.
> > Unrestricted Python ZMethod (8 syllables, 26 letters) is a
> > mouthful!
> True (although some of the alternatives base names were worse).  
> Considering that there aren't (yet) > other language variants, and that 
> I would usually use the restricted kind, I would normally just say
> "ZMethod".  Only if there were some potential confusion would I say 
> "Unrestricted zmethod", or the  full title.

If you must do this, at least make it 'Python ZMethod' and
'Python ZMethod - Unrestricted'.  As you have said above, the usual
method will be normally pronounced 'ZMethod', or 'Python ZMethod',
why not drop the silent Restricted?  Also, I consider it important
that the usual method appear first in the 'Add a Method' pulldown,
which the above forces.

> Cheers,
> Evan @ digicool & 4-am

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