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> > Moreover, this also fails the concise/'easy to say' test that was
> > used to kick out several other meritorius naming suggestions.
> > Unrestricted Python ZMethod (8 syllables, 26 letters) is a
> > mouthful!
> True (although some of the alternatives base names were worse).
> Considering that there aren't (yet)
> other language variants, and that I would usually use the
> restricted kind, I would normally just say
> "ZMethod".  Only if there were some potential confusion would I
> say "Unrestricted zmethod", or the
> full title.

Since you would normally *say* just ZMethod, I like the suggestion of using
"Python ZMethod" and "Python ZMethod (Unrestricted)", vs. spelling out the
(Restricted) in the first one.  After all, are we going to have a "DTML
ZMethod (Restricted)", or a "SQL ZMethod (Restricted)"?  It make sense to
keep the "normal" (restricted) methods, that will/should be used more often
than not, labeled as plainly as possible.  The unrestricted version could be
the exception and labeled as such.

For example, if we do decide to create an unrestricted DTML method, it would
seem unnecessary to rename DTML ZMethod to include the restricted label.


Ron Bickers
Logic Etc, Inc.

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