Hi Ben

(I wrote that howto).

> I d/l'd the latest distro. Looked inside and couldn't find any
> instructions. Went to the Web site and found some instructions here:
> http://www.zope.org/Members/mcdonc/HowTos/zopeinstall/ZOPE-INSTALL-HOWTO
> They didn't work for me. I have crazy ownership problems all over the
> place. If I go into /usr/local/ I have to be root (I own the server), and
> the author indicates that I should be my regular user (webmaster) not

I *think* /usr/local should be readable and writable by your webmaster user.
If it's not, you should try to put Zope somewhere else.  It really doesn't
matter much where it goes... you could even install it in your "webmaster"
home directory if you wanted to.

> No can do (security reasons). I unpacked the distro and had a bunch of
> files with user permissions for one of my clients! Not even webmaster!
> gives? (I'm still new to Linux/UNIX.)

Untarring files keeps the original "uid/gid" (userid/group id) combination
if you untar the file as root.  This is explained in that howto.  The
solution is to not untar as root.

Please try it again, following all the directions.... it's pretty explicit

If that doesn't work, it's *much* easier to install the Windows version, if
that's an option.  If not, I (and probably other folks here) will help you
work through the Linux install.

> Then I tried to do the ./install and
> was told there's no such directory (I *do* have ZServer, lib, doc, pcgi,
> and z2.py). Please help. Distributing installation instructions with the
> distro might be a nice thought...
> BenO

"install" told you there's no such directory?  What directory was it talking
about?  Or do you mean that it couldn't find "install"?

Yes, there's also the file doc/INSTALL.txt that you may want to look at...

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