Another option... if you care ;-> is to use _.chr() to include any
ascii character..

<dtml-let foo="'Look-->' + _.chr(0x22) + '<-- Here '">
<dtml-var foo>


Look-->"<-- Here 


>>>>> "Spicklemire," == Spicklemire, Jerry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Spicklemire,> Aitor asked:

    >> My problem is this :
    >> <dtml-let foo=3D" ' blaublau : " fdsaf " df ' "> </dtml-let>
    >> It doesn't work 'cause I can't escape the doble quotes inside
    >> the string= I'm trying to eval.
    >> Any solution???

    Spicklemire,> If I recall correctly, the work around I've used is
    Spicklemire,> to store the text, including the double quotes, as a
    Spicklemire,> property of a parent folder, so that it can be found
    Spicklemire,> by acquisition.

    Spicklemire,>       for example, create a String Property named
    Spicklemire,> "fdsaf_alias" with a value of :

    Spicklemire,> " fdsaf "

    Spicklemire,>       and then change your DTML to :

    Spicklemire,> <dtml-let foo=3D" ' blaublau : " + fdsaf_alias + "
    Spicklemire,> df ' ">

    Spicklemire,> Other than that, reconsider whether there might be a
    Spicklemire,> way to do this with single quotes. HTML will usually
    Spicklemire,> accept either single or double quotes, but nesting
    Spicklemire,> quotes is of course the common reason to use both
    Spicklemire,> types in an expression. Since I have no idea what
    Spicklemire,> the item actually represents, it's not a call I can
    Spicklemire,> make from this end.

    Spicklemire,> Good Luck!  Jery S.

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