Evan Simpson wrote:
> so it's official.  Zope 2.3 will introduce "Python Script"
> objects.

Sounds good enough to me :-)

When do DTML Methods become DTML Scripts?
(never, hopefully ;-)

> There will be no "Unrestricted" vs. "Restricted".  If you
> want to write unrestricted code, you can use a good old
> External Method, or write a small module and import it in a
> Script object.


> password, and you'll get your own private area in a trunk
> CVS checkout of Zope in which to play.

Is there going to be a python methdos help tab eventually?
The bindings tab looks very cool, by the way :-))

Interested about the parameters box...

If I specify parameters 'wibble, fish', and then do:

<dtml-var "mypythonmethod('wibble',1)">

...will wibble='wibble' and fish=1 in the method?
Will the bound names still be bound to what they would have been, had I
just done <dtml-var mypythonmethod> ?

Likewise, if I do:
<dtml-let wibble='wibble', fish="1">
<dtml-var mypthonmethod>

...will it have the same effect?

Finally, I'm not sure, from a user confusion point of view that allowing
bound names to also appear in the parameter list is a good idea...

Apart from that, looks very cool :-)



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