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> Is there going to be a python methdos help tab eventually?

Help is on the way.

> If I specify parameters 'wibble, fish', and then do:
> <dtml-var "mypythonmethod('wibble',1)">
> ...will wibble='wibble' and fish=1 in the method?

Yep.  Parameters work normally.

> Will the bound names still be bound to what they would have been, had I
> just done <dtml-var mypythonmethod> ?
> Likewise, if I do:
> <dtml-let wibble='wibble', fish="1">
> <dtml-var mypthonmethod>
> </dtml-let>

This is tied up in whether you bind the "caller's namespace" in the Bindings
tab.  If you do, then calling by name, as above, will automatically look the
parameters up in the namespace, so your example will work.  If you don't
bind the namespace (it isn't bound by default) you can only call by name if
there are no parameters.

Go to the demo site -- try it out!

> Finally, I'm not sure, from a user confusion point of view that allowing
> bound names to also appear in the parameter list is a good idea...

They shouldn't, you're right. I'll take care of that soon.


Evan @ digicool

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