I have to agree with Chris (Gray).

It is enough confusing already (for me it is that is :). I personnaly
think that a name like "ZoPy Scripting" (w/ or w/o Method) should be used.

My 0.02c


Subject: Re: [Zope] Objection to Python Script Name

Chris Gray wrote:
> I know, I know.  It's a little late to speak up, but I think there is a
> logical objection to this name:  inconsistency with "DTML Method" and
> "ZSQL Method".

These are old, horrible and will hopefully be re-thought and given
different names ;-)

> ZIP Method (Zope Internal Python Method)
> ZoPy Method
> PyZo Method
> ZPython Method


All imply there is soem difference between the Python used by Zope and
any other python ,which isn't, and never should be, the case...




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