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> On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, Chris Withers wrote:
> I had already made my point when the last poll was taking place.
> Renaming the XY Methods will break all documentation, how-tos, snippets,
> whatever. After all the traffic the mismatch of the ZB and non-CVS Python
> Methods has created, I really do not want to even imagine the flood of
> "My system does not have XY Methods" posts.

Stefan, Yes this is still a good point..

But pragmatically, it seems like 'Python Scripts' is now President [unless
major riots, appeals and insurgency follow..]

However, I hope to god that Someone

1. Will put post some clear glossary-dictionary explanation or translation
tables at zope.org to help Zope newbies and others relate the terminology of
'Python Scripts' vs. 'XY Methods' etc.

2. Fixes the OReilly book in some sensible manner - add highly legible note
on Page 1, update the index in useful manner to catch the differences.

3. Will explain to me 100% clearly what difference there is now between a
regular Python script and a 'Python Script' in Zope?

- Jason

[who though 'Python ZMethods' was good]

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